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PDF | On Jan 1, , Lisa M. Baumgartner published Four Adult Development Theories and Their Implications for Practice | Find, read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGate. adult development--the evolution of the life structure in early and middle adulthood. Life structure development is different from, and should not be confused with, the development of personality, social roles, or other com- monly studied processes. Second, I will discuss adult development as a field of virginities.xyz Size: 1MB.

Four Adult Development Theories and Their Implications for Practice by Lisa M. Baumgartner (This article is featured in the October, issues of Focus on Basics.) What is adult development? What relevance do adult development theories and models have to the practice of adult basic education? Our philosophy of adult development informs our. • Adults need to confront lost goals, or lost possible selves, in order to continue personality development • Not knowing when to disengage from a goal can lead to distress & an inability to engage in new goals • When faced with goal failure, rather than disengage, people are likely to redouble their efforts.

Psychoanalyst Erik Erikson was the first professional to describe and use the concept of ego identity in his writings on what constitutes healthy personality development for every individual over the course of the life span. Basic to Erikson’s view, as well as those of many later identity writers, is the understanding that identity enables one to move with purpose and direction in . Cognitive Development Cognitive development is the study of how people think and learn from childhood through adulthood. It includes information processing, reasoning, understanding, memory, intelligence, and language development. The most well-known and influential theory of cognitive development was developed by Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget.