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Received 15 November Volume 3, Number 2, 3. kötet, 2. szám, DIDACTIC TEACHING STRATEGIES FOR SUCCESSFUL LEARNING Szőke-Milinte Enikő Abstract: The success of teaching-learning is defined by the mutual interaction of a number of factors, one of the most important being the didactic strategy employed by the teacher. Adult Neurology Residency Didactics Tons of learning takes place on rounds and one-on-one but that is never enough. The neurology lecture series consists of mandatory daily noon conferences at .

Residents are assigned to various clinical sites for their rotations and site based didactics, but they come together on a weekly basis for centralized didactics and Grand Rounds. The centralized didactic curriculum has undergone significant change in recent years. The focus has been on creating a centralized curriculum that actively engages. Didactics. COURSEWORK. A variety of neuropsychology-related courses are offered by faculty within the Neuropsychology Division. For the neuropsychology concentration, students must take three required courses (Neuroanatomy, Higher Brain Function, Adult Neuropsychological Assessment) and enroll in a specified number of electives.

Adult Substance Abuse. Pediatrics Didactics (morning report, noon conference, micropractice sessions, Grand Rounds) Adult Psychiatry Didactics (weekly seminars, Grand Rounds) Pediatric Continuity Clinic (weekly, including monthly Psychosocial Clinic) Providence VAMC PGY 12 months of Adult Psychiatry. 1 mo. Didactics Schedule Grand Rounds. Grand Rounds are a series of student and resident lectures that present the symptoms, diagnosis, and management of a particular disease in the pediatric (and adult) population. Child Neurology Grand Rounds Fridays from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. Location: MSB Adult Neurology Grand Rounds Fridays from noon to 1 p.m.