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California Council for Adult Education (CCAE) is the largest professional organization serving adult education in California. CCAE uniquely serves all levels of the adult education family including teachers, classified, students, and administrators. More than 29, residents participated in Adult Education in Alabama’s community colleges last year. More than 5, GED and high school equivalency certificates and diplomas were awarded. Be a part of that number. Contact your local Adult Education provider for the personal assistance you need for Real Life Skills.

Adult Education. Page 1 of 1 Adult Education Directory and Registration A directory of adult education providers compiled by the State Department of Education, Bureau of Health/Nutrition, and Family Services and Adult Education. Welcome to the Ohio Association for Adult and Continuing Education OAACE’s mission is to represent and serve the providers of adult education in Ohio. OAACE has awarded over $12, in scholarships from to to adult students and professional members that are pursuing higher education.

look at the organizational structures, and also outlines the main adult education providers, mainly looking at non-formal and informal learning. We want to thank our members for their contributions to this reflection on the adult education situation in Spain as far as possible as of / Inevitably. Objectives of the project Support adult education providers to design and implement effective strategies for reaching out to low skilled adults and facilitate their access to upskilling pathways. Building the competences of adult education providers and adult educators to design more effective programs for low-skilled or low-qualified adults.