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Suckling is accomplished by a pulsation of rhythmic sucking, moderate squeezing of the nipple and a portion of the areola by the tongue, and occasional swallowing. As a couple becomes experienced with adult nursing, suckling becomes rhythmic and relaxed. Here is a tip which will help you understand how latch and suckling is accomplished. Apr 11,  · This article shares a selection of breastfeeding videos that show helpful breastfeeding positions, the principles of a good latch, how to tell if a baby is drinking plenty of breast milk and more. Breastfeeding Videos is a companion article to Breastfeeding Positions .

Learn how to position and support your baby for a good latch. This includes cross-cradle, football, and cradle The breastfeeding and pumping rec. Try breastfeeding in the football or clutch hold. This nursing position makes it easier to see your nipple so you can guide your child's mouth into a correct latch. Get a nipple shield. Your doctor or lactation consultant may recommend a nipple shield. Nipple shields make it easier for a small newborn or a premature baby to latch on to the breast.