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"Ridiculously" Sexy Mad Libs. Ask your partner to choose a word for each part of speech specified and write it down in the blank space. When complete, read the story out loud. Laugh and laugh some more. NOTE: Don’t to try to make your answers “sexy”—the Mad Libs will take care of that! 1. Act One. Adult Mad Libs isn't as risque as it sounds. The puzzle subjects are slanted toward adult situations (mother-in-law Thanksgiving dinner, a golf round, fun with the grandchildren, etc. It's a great release from watching the news or tedious game shows day after day except for Jeopardy! which is a ritual here/5(K).

FREE Mad Libs Mega Libs Online a web version of the old Mad Libs word game. Put words in the spaces of the free mad libs online game to create a funny story with your words put into our story. Enter your words in the spaces below as called for push the "Create Story" button to create a story like Mad Libs . About Adult Mad Libs. Adult Mad Libs is the newest version of the classic word game, all grown up! The Adult Mad Libs app features the same hilarious stories and word blanks as the original Mad Libs app, but with story content geared towards adults.

Sep 04,  · Christmas Ad Lib Mad Lib Game (n=noun, v= verb, adj= adjective, adv=adverb) It was a (adj)_____ Christmas morning when a group of (adj)_____ friends gathered to drink (type of liquid)_____. The group consisted of six old-time buddies. Sep 26,  · Now I do Mad Libs with my daughter and the fun comes right back to me. We created Halloween Mad Libs for a party and after seeing how much fun we had, we decided to create Thanksgiving Mad Libs, Valentine’s Day Mad Libs, and Christmas Mad Libs as well. (It would also be great for the classroom, play dates, or parties.