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The really popular and the really rare classics have been red highlighted in the games list shown below. 3. High Score Save: Your high score will not be saved when system is powered off, or when you change from one game to another. 4. Adult Themed Games: There are 11 adult themed games (which should be turn off if you have children). Need list of ROMs with adult material. Scoops Sep 4, AM: Posted in group: On 04 Sep , Richard Ashby so eloquently pointed out that > I finished downloading all the ROMs for mame32 v and promised my > nephew to give him a copy. He is only 8 years old and I realized.

Adults Only (Ukraine, V. ) MAME detail page - ROM adults. If you hate puzzle games, you can slip the puzzle game list in there, instead. Open in the MAME32 Catlist file, search for the Puzzle genre, and select only those files as, you could also move all the adult-themed games into your MAME directory, just by moving all your ROMs to a new directory and making your destination directory your conventional MAME .

Feb 05,  · In this package you can find these ini files: MAME machines and their category and the version they were added to MAME; MAME machines divided by type of category; MAME machines divided by genre; MAME machines divided by genre (only working sets); Game list (arcade only) with adult images or . As of September 11, this process will filter out unplayable MAME ROMs. Lately I have been embarked on a project to cross reference all of the games designated as "GAME_NOT_WORKING" in the MAME source code with games so designated in the categories file and in the MAME 'gamelist' text file.