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adult men spanked - Therapy for disrespectful men p1

Disciplinary Spanking Talk Welcome. This forum is for parents, those who take care of kids, adults, and kids themselves, to discuss spankings we have or were given, discipline and other punishments. This board believes in lax moderation, and will only delete the most blatant of trolling, harassment and spam. Subject: Author: Date. Naked men in a shower with a message about sweating, syringes and safe sex. Lithograph for Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe 4, × 6,; MB Naked survivors at Mauthausen 1, × 1,; KB.

Video preview for the Sting Special Price Spanking Classic Compilation. Kiwi College Part 5, 6 and 7. Click Here to read the Storyline and to see a selection of pictures from parts 5 and 6. For the next three weeks a copy of the video preview trailer can be downloaded from SendSpace by CLICKING HERE. The video preview can also be viewed at. Spanking safely is important - if you are new please read FAQ before spanking. Duration of spanking is more about the number of strokes and the intensity of the hits than it is about the length of time it takes. The harder you are hitting, the less strokes it will take to reach the desired level of physical and mental impact. The frequency of.

Age-wise, the men he spanks are well into adulthood, usually somewhere between 35 and “I endorse spanking your fully grown children,” he enthuses. “As long as you’re supporting them and they’re under your control on your dime — you whip their ass!”. In a Chicago man took a strap and spanked his sixteen-year-old wife with it. He was taken before the judge, declared that it was a free country and that he had a right to spank his wife, and was given days in jail. Wives Spanking Naughty Husbands. Men weren’t the only ones doing the spanking.