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ANNAMAET ADULT FORMULA. DOGS. Designed for adult dogs or dogs with slower metabolisms, Annamaet Adult is also a popular formula with kennels. 25% Protein. ANNAMAET ENCORE FORMULA. DOGS. Annamaet Encore is designed for active dogs including large breeds. 26% Protein. Annamaet Original Adult Formula Dry Dog Food Next up is Annamaet’s Original Adult Formula Dry Dog Food. This recipe is specially formulated for older adults, so if you’re on the market for a senior dog food that’s all-natural and will truly meet your pup’s needs, than this is a fantastic option to consider.

Annamaet's been around for 30 years and it has a board certified Veterinary Nutritionist on staff, according to its website. It uses mostly "traditional" ingredients (unless you're in the camp that considers lamb and salmon to be "exotic" ingredients *smh*). Not that I care about either of those measures, but sounds like you do. Annamaet Encore is formulated to meet all the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for All Life Stages, including growth of .

Annamaet Encore 25% Dry Dog Food is a grain-inclusive dry dog food formulated for the nutritional needs of active young adult dogs, including large breed ones. This dual-protein dry food is 25% protein, and features wholesome grains instead of corn, wheat, or soy. The main source of protein in this Annamaet Encore recipe is chicken meal. Annamaet Adult is made with antibiotic free chicken, brown rice, and is corn and wheat free. Using proteinated (Chelated) minerals increases their utilization and supports the immune system. L-Carnitine's involvement in fat metabolism helps maintain lean muscle mass and supports healthy cognitive function.