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Jul 21,  · Negative comments about your job or clients: Most social media platforms have privacy settings. Still, even with those in place, the world can be very small. If you are friends with a co-worker and post something, details on your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter post can spread through your whole office, including to your manager or HR department. Aug 18,  · Just a simple anonymous image upload. Host a pic on the internet with one click and done. Then you need a special/anon host - a simple and fast solution without the need to sign up and fill out a long form. At FindImageHost we currently have 84 anon image hosting sites reviewed, where no registration is required.

Unless you are airing dirty little secrets or allowing others to do so like Post Secrets then there are to many pit falls in anonymous blogging. Phil says: 06/28/ at am I guess I agree with you, Lavall, in that, yes, it would be extremely difficult to blog with absolutely no face. Posted on: February 11th, by anonymous No Comments My Audience In my mid 20’s a friend and I had rented a 3 bedroom apartment and placed an add for a 3rd roommate.

Sep 28,  · Step 2: Upload your video. You can easily pixelate your video when uploading your vide. Just choose “No” for the first question in the . The only way to remain percent anonymous is to never mention your affiliation with AA on social media. People who do publicly identify themselves via social media undoubtedly have no bad intentions, Many think that it’s okay to identify yourself, as .