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Side effects can range from minor issues, like a rash, to very serious health problems, such as antibiotic-resistant infections and C. diff infection, which causes diarrhea that can lead to severe colon damage and death. Call your doctor if you develop any side effects while taking your antibiotic. There is a global crisis of antibiotic resistance, and urinary tract infections (UTIs) may be the canary in the coal are one of the most common types of infections; at least one in two women and one in 10 men will experience a UTI in their lifetime.

Sep 27,  · In most cases of antibiotic use, a doctor must choose an antibiotic based on the most likely cause of the infection. For example, if you have an earache, the doctor knows what kinds of bacteria cause most ear infections. He or she will choose the antibiotic that best combats those kinds of bacteria. GAS antibiotic resistance to azithromycin and clindamycin are increasingly common. Recommended treatment course for all oral beta lactams is 10 days. Acute uncomplicated cystitis 10, Cystitis is among the most common infections in women and is usually caused by E. coli.