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Dec 21,  · Applying adult learning theory and principles to your program will enhance participation, engagement, and impact. Overview: What is adult learning theory? Adult learning theories describe how. APPLYING ADULT LEARNING 2 Abstract The purpose of this study is to analyze the behavior of a character, Celie, in a movie, The Color Purple, through the lens of two adult learning theorists to determine the relationships the character has with each theory.

Adult Learning Theories and Practices. Professional trainers profess to build on the foundation of adult learning theory. If something is not working, step back, determine why, and fix it. If you’re not doing that, you’re not practicing good adult learning principles. You may need another trainer to guide you.

Oct 27,  · In short, adult learning is the process of adults learning new information and skills. In addition to there being a difference in motivation and enthusiasm between adult learners and children, there’s also an obvious difference in the level of existing knowledge. Oct 01,  · Adult Learning Theory is a field of research that studies various reasons behind the differences between the way adults and kids learn. It suggests ways through which adult learning could be made more effective. According to the US Department of Education, there are various adult learning theories in the research literature, these include:Author: Leon Ho.