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Jun 17,  · What lies ahead for the use of adult stem cells is unknown, but it is certain that there are many research questions to be answered and that these answers hold great promise for the future. What Is an Adult Stem Cell? Adult stem cells, like all stem cells, share at least two characteristics. First, they can make identical copies of themselves. The Center for Stems Cells and Regenerative Medicine is an interdisciplinary enterprise bringing together scientists, engineers, lawyers, philosophers, and theologians to advance the research and application of adult stem cells and induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells.

Human stem cells are widely seen as offering a source of potential treatment for a range of diseases and are thus the subject of much research. Clinical studies have validated the use of adult stem cells in a limited number of therapies, but have yet to confirm the utility of embryonic stem cells. The field of adult stem cell research is indeed very exciting, and particularly so for the eye. After all, the world’s first transplantation of cells that were derived from induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) took place in the eye!

Dec. 1, — CRISPR tags are being used to identify all of the transcription factors necessary to turn a pluripotent stem cell into a suitable adult cell for research, and possible future cell. Advocates counter that adult stem cells, useful as they may be for some diseases, have thus far proved incapable of producing the full range of cell types that embryonic stem cells can.