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The orthodontic headgear is a dental appliance that modifies the jaw growth and is used for treating jaw relation discrepancies pins. Apr 24,  · He stood up and admired his work and left sarah witha few final words “ you can expect months in fulltimes headgear and about 18 months with rest of the appliances. After we remove the bulk of your appliances you will remain in braces and elastics for another 24 moths totaling around years in braces”.

Headgear appliance therapy is usually used when a child or young adult is still growing in order to take advantage of the bones in the jaw when they're still erupting into place. This way, the appliance can guide the teeth and jaw bones into their new positions before they've settled. Headgear Devices Using orthodontic headgear to remodel the maxilla of adults. An orthodontic headgear is a mechanical device used to apply an external force to the upper jaw of the user. The goal of an orthodontic headgear is to remodel facial structure by applying an intermittent and aggressive force directly to the maxilla.