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The testing is conducted according to established ASTM methods and FDA guidance. The personal lubricant compatibility consists of testing against latex and/or non-latex condoms to evaluate the compatibility with the condom material, according to method ASTM D If you test a condom after you use it (by filling it with water or blowing air in it), you may accidentally expose yourself to your partners body fluids (semen, vaginal secretions, discharges.

detailed description of the test procedures used to establish the quality of each condom lot or batch (Cross reference response with the flow diagram Section A#1), including: a) when testing is. To perform the test, a condom is pulled over a metal form called a mandrel. The condom is then placed into the presence of an intense electrical field, which is created in air or water depending on the equipment used by the manufacturer. Because rubber does not conduct electricity, no electricity should reach the metal mandrel under the condom.

Sep 18,  · In order to know what condom is best, you’ll need to measure your penis. You can use a ruler or measuring tape. To get the right size, measure your penis while it’s . Regardless of which specific test is used, condom testing involves taking a sample of several condoms from a batch and calculating the fraction that pass the test. The condoms tested are thus a sample (sampling model) of the others in the batch. In the US, a batch of condoms cannot be sold if 5 or more condoms per fail the test.