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Oct 20,  · Empowerment means moving from enforced powerlessness to a position of power. Education is an essential means of empowering women with the knowledge, skills and self-confidence necessary to fully. Adult Education of Women for Social Transformation: Reviving the Promise, Continuing the Struggle June New Directions for Adult and Continuing Education ().

Dec 02,  · The study, thus, provides evidence of a form of education for social transformation (EST) which can contribute meaningfully to a peaceful struggle for social change while simultaneously redefining. · Transformation and the wider community · Adult education in the global education policy agenda. Ade-Ojo, Gordon and Duckworth, V. (), Of cultural dissonance: the UK’s adult literacy policies and the creation of democratic learning spaces. International Journal of Lifelong Education. pp. ISSN DOI /

This paper will discuss how adult education can help empowerment women in southern African countries in reducing transmission of HIV/AIDs. The term may be defined in relation to its economic, psychological and social transformation of individuals involved. (Mulenga, as cited in Aitchison, ). Social and cultural factors that. In summaryPaulo Freire, a philosopher and educator who has made enormous contributions to adult education and emancipatory pedagogy, has seen many of his concepts resonate with educators concerned with social inequalities, motivating them to treat formal education as transformative despite the many reproductive forces it social.