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DiskCopy and Clean has all the proper graphics and recognizes the old and new HD's nicely. Everthing is great until you tell the software to perform the copy process. DiskCopy and Clean runs for anywhere from 6 seconds, to around 26 minutes, and then locks up completely. For the record, the new HD is a GB WD that worked fine in another /5(7). Disk Copy and Clean ensures data on a hard drive is truly erased and unrecoverable. With other techniques such as deleting files, folders, formatting or even deleting partitions, all of the data still resides on the drive and can be easily recovered. Disk Copy & Clean wipes your disk completely clean by overwriting the data to make it.

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Disk Copy & Clean helps you copy the contents of a partition to another, or entire hard drive to another, and then securly erase the old partition or drive. Disk Copy & Clean automatically prepares your new drive with all the partitioning necessary, and then transfers your operating system, programs, and work fi les to the new drive.