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Agape is used by Christians to express the unconditional love of God for his children. This type of love was further explained by Thomas Aquinas as "to will the good of another". Éros (ἔρως érōs) means "love, mostly of the sexual passion". The Modern Greek word " erotas " . Jun 03,  · The three that are the most apparent are those of agape, philia, and eros. Hazel Grace Lancaster, a sixteen-year-old living with cancer, receives agape, witnesses philia, and experiences eros. Agape is a love that gives and gives and gives without expecting (or even wanting) anything.

Agape is the Greek word used in the New Testament as the love of God. Scholars say agape is best described as “the Godkind of love.” There are other words in Greek for love such as phileo and eros. However, agape is the word widely used in the New Testament. One of the definitions of this word is to seek the best inter. Agape, that is supernatural love, is limited to love of God and love of neighbor. In the modest frame of this article, I shall limit myself to discussing eros, the love that can exist between man.

Oct 03,  · Answer: The Bible speaks of two type of love: phileo and agape. Both are Greek terms and appear at different points throughout Scripture. The Greek language also had terms for two other types of love, eros and storge, which do not expressly appear in the Bible. To better understand phileo love, we need to take a brief look at the other types of. May 11,  · When I first came to studying John’s gospel, I was armed with two things: a concern to pay attention to the details of the text; and the knowledge of all earnest Christians (thanks to C S Lewis) that there were four words for ‘love’ in Greek (eros, storge, philia and agape) pointing to the four different meanings, four different uses of ‘love’, and four different .