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Mar 15,  · Elevated levels of BMP4 and SMAD7 were prognostic for improved recurrence-free survival and overall survival in patients with breast cancer, indicating the importance of canonical BMP4 signaling in the suppression of metastasis and highlighting new Cited by: 3. In addition, recent research has laid emphasis on the significance of Wnt pathway in the triple-negative breast cancer, a molecular subtype of breast cancer, which lacks targeted therapy till date. Hence, understanding of Wnt signaling and its targeting to treat such patients can be an assuring by:

Apr 20,  · Affecting about one breast cancer patient in four, it is characterized by tumor cells overexpressing a signaling protein called HER2. The drug Herceptin, which targets HER2, is . When estrogen binds to ER, it regulates gene transcription in the nucleus or activates kinases in the cytoplasm to play its role. Understanding the estrogen signaling pathway will provide a theoretical basis for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of breast cancer, ovarian cancer.

Nov 19,  · Recent research is moving toward cellular signaling pathways as targets and biomarkers for CSCs. The WNT pathway, the nuclear factor‐kappa B (NF‐κB) pathway, and the cholesterol biosynthesis pathway have recently been identified to play a key role in proliferation, survival, and differentiation of CSCs, including those of breast Sidse Ehmsen, Henrik J. Ditzel. Several studies have demonstrated the immunopathogenic function of IL-6 and its signaling in the tumor growth, metastasis, and therapeutic resistance in the breast cancer. Therefore, it seems that targeting IL-6 and/or its receptor in combination with other potent anticancer therapies may be a potent therapeutic approach for breast cancer by: